Someone in the world is always going to be telling you how they think you should be, what you should say and the best, right way to do things. 

And I want that person to be you.

Stop Striving. Start Actualizing.

Knowing, loving & trusting yourself is the difference between living life on your own terms and a life built around someone else’s idea of what you want, do, be, have and experience.

This is where I come in. I teach you how to ask yourself the hard questions and call yourself out when your answers are BS, so it’s clear to you when, how & why you choose to listen more to “them” instead of yourself.

Together we craft a plan to create, destroy or reinvent whatever you want and then I  compassionately but completely hold your ass accountable to the new beliefs you’re building that make it all possible.

Maureen Cidzik

Your experience of your life will stay more or less the same as long as your relationship with yourself stays more or less the same.

Your way of breaking through the bullshit and getting to the meat is incredible. During each session no matter how all over the place I  am, you give me exactly what I didn’t know I needed to hear. I always leave your office feeling confident, seeing clearer, and lighter.

A.C., New Hampshire

Maureen’s coaching has helped me navigate—and even grow from—a variety of stressful situations including death of a family member and unexpected job loss. She’s helped me learn to face pain and uncertainty with grit, confidence and compassion.

J.W., New Hampshire

Our [discovery] conversation unlocked something in me. It was validating, but also more than that. It set up some safe fencing so that I could explore what I needed to figure out for myself. I’m kind of baffled that only one hour with you got me there, but it did. (You’re that good)!

M.W., Boston, MA

Maureen is one of my most treasured mentors. She’s a grounding voice that helps me think through the bigger “meta” picture of adverse situations both at work and in relationships at home and analyze both my situations and my own reactions to them in a logical and insightful way.

L.G., New Hampshire

If you’re looking to really dive into self-care, be accountable for future goals (and some not-so-healthy patterns) and really want to transform your life, Maureen is the best to work with. I learn more about myself every day. And the ah-ha moments are always the best to share. Thank you for your amazing guidance, unwavering support and out-of-the-box thinking that continues to be so enlightening for me. My spirit and soul are eternally grateful for you.

M.B., New Hampshire