Maureen Cidzik

Hi. I'm Maureen.

Coach. Thought partner. Guide. 

I’m a life coach, confidence builder and intuitive empath with a passion for bringing our visions into focus by connecting the thoughts in our heads to the dreams in our hearts.

My work is about being a creative thought partner for people who want to work on themselves but don’t know where to start, who want to feel confident in the actions they take and decisions they make, and who are just starting out on a spiritual path.

Life Coaching

I work with you 1:1 on to clarify your values, needs and wants and develop a personalized system that moves you in the direction of your life vision.

Confidence Coaching

Discover your unique definition of enough, master your mindset and learn how to overcome fear of failure, regret and rejection. 

Spiritual Coaching

Develop awareness, access your intuition and create a personal practice that connects you to your Higher Self to bring your external life into harmony with your inner world.


Maureen’s coaching has helped me navigate—and even grow from—a variety of stressful situations including death of a family member and unexpected job loss. She’s helped me learn to face pain and uncertainty with grit, confidence and compassion.

J.W., New Hampshire

Maureen is one of my most treasured mentors. She’s a grounding voice that helps me think through the bigger “meta” picture of adverse situations both at work and in relationships at home and analyze both my situations and my own reactions to them in a logical and insightful way.

L.G., New Hampshire

It’s time to connect your head and your heart

The more we can drop out of our heads and into our hearts, the more possibilities we see and the more opportunities we create for ourselves to live life with more ease, confidence and joy.

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