Maureen Cidzik

My name is Maureen …

… and my brain tells me at least 50 X a day “You need to do more and do it better and do it FAST and do it RIGHT. Buy the book, sign up for the program, take the course, follow all the steps, try all the ways, do all the things!”

Before, I used to agree and make ridiculous lists of tasks and goals & things to research, buy, try, make, eat, explore, visit, etc.

Or if I was in the midst of a cycle of burnout I’d rebel and do fuck all nothing, nada, zip and drown it out by binge watching, binge reading, binge cleaning.

Now, my response when my brain tells me this is more like, “Oh, is that so?”.

I’m neither ready to fight nor ready for flight. I’m just curious.

My brain enjoys when I give it something to do instead of tacitly agreeing to follow its orders.

I don’t always feel relief right away, but the air starts to go out of the self-judgment balloon almost immediately.

Because when we understand who we are in relationship to ourselves when we’re winning, losing or something in between, that’s also when we realize that the standards we are breaking our backs to live up to are just stories we tell ourselves to distract us from the real work of being human.

If you’ve ever had the thought, “I am my own worst enemy” you’re in the right place.

I can help you how to truly know, like & trust yourself, to rewrite the rules of success from the inside out.

And then? You become your own guru.

Maureen Cidzik

File under listen to me now, hear me at 3am when you’re asking for a signier sign:

  • When you KNOW yourself, you create space to LOVE yourself.
  • When you LOVE yourself, you create space to TRUST yourself.
  • When you TRUST yourself, you create space for anything you want that you think is ‘out there’ or dependent on mysterious forces.

YOU are the mysterious force and we can work together to show you how you are also both the lock AND the key.