There can be no lotus flower without the mud

I’m glad you’re here.

Personal development is having a new moment thanks to the extended time we’ve spent with ourselves during pandemic life. So, when you want to work on yourself,  what does mean? Where do you start?

If you’re like me, maybe you start with books. I love books. Then maybe you move onto podcasts. I love those, too. You journal, you dabble, you take an ecourse (or seven) and can list your personal top 10 TED talks in 10 seconds flat. You learn something from every author, host, teacher, mentor and speaker but no one single path feels like your path. When you bring all the pieces together that worked for you, something’s still missing.


I’m here to tell you that the missing piece is you.

When I started down my own path, coaching wasn’t really a thing, the Internet was still in diapers and any workshops I could find were heavy on style and light on substance. Fast forward a few years and suddenly there were so many coaches, resources and ways to work on myself I didn’t know what to buy or try.

I practiced yoga. I shuffled Tarot cards. I learned to meditate and I went to therapy. All good things to help me heal the past trauma hanging out in my mind, body and spirit, but none of it helped me figure out what happens after you start feeling better.

And then in 2011, my father died. Eight months later I closed the business I co-owned and walked away from the house I lived in. That led to the start of three years of (very) complicated legal and financial matters to settle and in the middle of all of that, my mother died, too.

Guess what? There aren’t 10 Steps to grieving your parents while settling legal matters, holding down a job, moving house, managing chronic stress and anxiety, and figuring out your relationship with the God of your understanding!

There were only my steps.

When it comes to working on yourself, there are only your steps. They might start out as half steps and missteps and back steps before you take whole steps, but they are yours. I help you find the next right ones and take them.

Achology Certified Life Coach

The Academy of Modern, Applied Psychology (2020)

American Confidence Institute Certified Confidence Coach

Trained by Alyssa Dver, ACI’s CEO & Chief Confidence Officer (2020)

Energy Healing Certifications

Magnified Healing (Level 1), IET (Level 1), Melchizedek Method (Levels 1-4) and Usui Holy Fire Reiki (Level 1).

Lasting personal growth is messy – no mud, lotus. If you could use some support making sense of where and who you are and where and who you’d like to be, I’d love to talk with you.