Truth: you can do everything to the letter that your personal heroes do, but when you wake up tomorrow you will wake up in your own life.

Not Oprah’s. Not Brene’s. Not Beyonce’s. YOURS. As yourself. How you are in that moment.

And how you are in the moment is always changing, because the moment is always changing.

The way you reflect on where you are, where you’ve been, and how you choose the next, right step on your path should change with you.


Introducing The Do-You List



Review the last week, month or season through the eyes of your heart without the self-criticism in your head. You’ll look at significant happenings, uncover the thoughts and feelings those events created & and dig into what you’re tolerating that needs to be released or accepted.

Authentic Gratitude

This is not a line-item list. You’ll go deep into the why behind each thing you’re grateful for and choose what you want to carry forward into the next week, month or season.

Energy Assessment

Find your baseline and compassionate vision for where you want to go. Know that your mileage will vary and learn how to reset your self-expectations in ways that soothe, support & nourish you.


Purposeful Planning

This is about congruence and discernment. It’s where you get real about feeling good instead of feeling obligated, and your heart directs the show (and how you show up for yourself and the world).

Because NO size fits all.


The Do-You List is a 90-minute workshop that’s part ritual & reflection, part planning & intention, and 100% about you. Flexible. Fluid. Modular. As holistic or specific as you want it to be.

Do it big, complex & messy or take it small, slow, & steady. The Do-You List grows with you because it’s made to evolve *with* you.

Grab a notebook and your favorite pen and join me for a 90-minute interactive experience, including: 

  • A guided meditation to help you drop out of your head and into your heart center
  • Live journal prompts that invite you to look behind the goals and gold stars for any inner needs you’re asking them to meet
  • A downloadable, printable guidebook you can use, reuse and reimagine according to your needs
  • Rituals for blessing & releasing and calling in new energy
  • A recording of the workshop
  • Free, 20-minute, post-workshop 1:1 coaching session with me